Database and Tools Services

OGS's database software allows the staff to quickly and easily incorporate and visualise data

 The database is built around several modules:


  • The geological module includes reports for geology of a region, stratigraphy, well correlations and lithology
  • Field and well data module include the locations, maps and graphs of all abandoned, active, inactive, water disposal and new wells
  • Reservoir data module includes rock and fluid properties, temperature and pressure surveys, the results of well test analysis and nodal analysis
  • Surface facility module includes pipeline network for production and injection systems and weather conditions
  • Reports module includes all reports done by departments, presentations and maps


OGS's database software can easily be adapted to any field based on client’s requirements


•The database management will be given by OGS's experienced staff. 

•OGS helps our clients to establish data management system, which allows company’s decision-makers vastly improved data access and effective and optimum planning for production operations. 

OGS uses the softwares based on project’s requirements:

  • Petrel & Eclipse (Simulation)
  • SMT Kingdom (Geology)
  • GeoGraphix (Geology)
  • IPM (Prosper, MBAL) 
  • OFM (Production)
  • Kappa (Well test analysis)
  • Pipesim & Autocad (Facility design)