Drilling Rig Management Services


OGS’s affiliate company Blackpearl drilled 23 Wells successfully with the average depth of 3500m for BP Company. Last 3 wells were drilled in 18, 17, and 16 days which were Rumaila Field drilling records (Other major drilling companies had average of 50 drilling days for the same well configuration) 

  • R-637 (mainpay, 500m step out) completed in 18.5 days ( Rumaila field record)
  • R-644 (mainpay, vertical) completed in 16.9 days ( Rumaila field record )
  • R-648 (mainpay, vertical) completed in 16.1 days ( New Rumaila field record)

All these records drilled with ZERO HSE ACCIDENT 

OGS/Blackpearl top management consists of very experienced professionals from major international companies

OGS/Blackpearl is using unconventional technology implementation with the high HSE standards


Faster Drilling Ever